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What Is Body Code?*

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The essence of the Body Code is restoration.

The body has an innate way of healing itself. The Body Code simply helps you find the causes of imbalance so that they can be addressed and corrected. As you create balance, the way to healing is open for mind, heart, & body.

What I noticed when working with my patients.


While working in my chiropractic clinic, I noticed that my patients’ problems seem to increase in complexity as my ability to help them increase. During my last 10 years in practice, I actually specialized in working with people with difficult problems and suffering from conditions that were considered mysterious by Western medicine.


I consistently told these patients, I don’t treat diseases, and I don’t claim to cure diseases.

I believe your symptoms are due to imbalances in your body.


If we can find those imbalances and fix them, maybe your symptoms will go away. And go away they did.

Feel Better.

Live More.

I was able to help the vast majority of them to feel better and often quite rapidly.


Somewhere along the line I developed this very powerful feeling that people could do a lot to help themselves. And it gave me the urge to empower people. I began teaching seminars in 1998. And I taught as many people as I could around the U.S. and Canada for many years. But I was working in my practice 60 hours a week and then flying off weekends teaching seminars, and both my family were getting pretty tired of that schedule.


In 2002 I felt inspired to turn my clinic over to someone else and focus on writing The Emotion Code book. It had become clear to me that the energy healing methods, I had developed were not just for my patients or for me, but for everyone.


After The Emotion Code was published, I stayed busy putting all of my efforts into sharing it with the world. But I still had a lot more information I had learned about how the body can become imbalanced and how to resolve it. I had a plan on the back burner to eventually teach. This massive amount of material, but I thought it would be best suited for other doctors.

The genesis of the Body Code.


I didn’t know that my plans were about to change drastically. One early morning in August of 2008 I woke up feeling divinely inspired to take all the information that I had learned about energy healing and put it into a self-study course that anyone could learn, and make it available to everyone everywhere. I had no question about what I needed to do.


So I spent the next year putting everything I knew into a simplified Program, which we now know as the Body Code, a mind mapping system. It helps you find out what could be going on in your body through a simple point-and-click process of elimination.

Here’s what I believe is the secret behind the Body Code.


The subconscious mind already holds all of the answers we need to help ourselves to function at our absolute peak. The Body Code combines the proven techniques of muscle testing with ancient healing wisdom and modern technology to help us unlock those answers usually hidden away in the subconscious mind. Best of all, The Body Code makes the process simple enough that anyone can practice holistic energy healing and empower the body’s natural recovery process to happen.


The Body Code contains everything that I’ve learned about energy healing over the last three decades of helping people with all kinds of issues. It’s a self-study course. Its patented software and I believe it’s the most powerful, most efficient method of energy healing the world has ever known. It’s simple enough that children can use it. Yet, it has changed the practices of health care professionals and energy healers all over the world.

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Will The Body Code change your life as well?

I truly hope so. Whether you have energy healing experiences or not, The Body Code is designed to unlock your natural abilities to help not only yourself, but others too.

6 Energy healing benefits of The Body Code:

  1. Emotional wellness. Achieve energetic balance when you remove trapped emotion, internalized trauma, and more.

  2. System balance. Achieve physical balance by identifying issues in organs, glands, muscles, and body systems and how they connect.

  3. Resolution. Identify heavy metal, free radical chemicals, EMF radiation & other toxins that may be throwing off your body’s balance.

  4. Pathogen resolution. Identify fungal, bacterial, viral, mold or parasitic invaders that may wreak havoc on your body from the inside out.
  5. Structural balance. Support the proper function of bones, nerves, connective tissues, and alignment.

  6. Nutrition & lifestyle. Find herbs and nutrients, exercise and lifestyle habits your body is asking for.  

The 6 Body Code Systems.  Please see the below diagram for a summary of the 6 systems.

Body Code Systems

* All content is attributed to Dr. Bradley Nelson.  This info. is taken from excerpts from his video transcripts, books and other materials authored by him.

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