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Meet Kelly

Kelly Standing.jpg

BA in Psychology

Masters in Social Work

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Certified Belief Code Practitioner

I want to introduce myself and share why I chose to become an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner.

Education and Practice.


I hold a BA in Psychology as well as a Masters in Social Work. In 2015, I became a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner. I have been in the mental health and behavioral health field for over 30 years working with very diverse ethnic groups.


I have now done over 7,000 sessions with people from all over the world and with tremendous success. Currently I have a wide spectrum of clients including 4 RN clients, 2 Nurse Practitioners, and one Naturopathic Physician.  One of the therapists I work with has recently become a certified Emotion Code practitioner after seeing the improvements with her client, who is also my former foster daughter. It was rewarding for both of us to see her improvements.  I can also share so many successful stories of how this has helped people get and remain sober.  

Cancer patient.jpg

My work with cancer patients.


I am happy to further explain this gentle non-invasive form of healing along with some of the success stories working with patients with cancer as well. One interesting approach that has been helpful working with clients who have cancer and I'm is asking the subconscious, Does your body want to heal?, Does your body feel it deserves to heal?, Does your body feel worthy of healing?, and getting down to the roots of how and why the body became ill in the first place. 


Cancer patients can be healed.


The Emotion Code has been very effective along with: What imbalances need to be released so the body can be restored to homeostasis? (Homeostasis is a self-regulating process by which a living organism can maintain internal stability while adjusting to changing external conditions.) These are just a few examples that we have found beneficial in healing. Utilizing this method we have found encouraging improvements in clients overall physical health, decreased inflammation, increased performance in the lymphatic system allowing the body to eliminate toxins in a more efficient manner.


When the body becomes toxic, it creates the breeding ground for cancer. Clearing out blockages in the body not only helps restore the organs and glands to homeostasis, it also helps the client improve their view of their health.


The old adage "laughter is the best medicine" is so true but very difficult if and when anxieties over ill health are at the forefront. The Body Code has been found to increase hopeful outlooks, increased diversity of perspectives, increased quality of life as well as improved satisfaction in relationships. 

Kelly Cares.jpg

I genuinely care about all my clients and help each one to be more successful in achieving their goals.

A strong relationship develops between my clients and myself as we work together to remove trapped emotions.


Removing trapped emotions including emotional baggage is often done with quick results!  Let’s use my tools, method(s) and years of experience to identify and overcome the obstacles in your life, so you can move on to the happiness you deserve.  We are in this together!  


I can help you to make the positive changes to achieve your goals.


Releasing trapped emotions will help you relieve stress. This will make it easier for you to make the life changes to help you to complete the healing process.

Feel Better.

Live More.

Let’s improve your overall health and well-being.


I know there are so many energy-healing modalities out there and it can be confusing to know what is the best fit. From my experiences The Emotion Code and The Body Code continue to be the most effective and efficient way to move past our negative energies/beliefs and start an improved life with renewed freedom and health – including mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health.


Identifying and correcting imbalances one at a time is quick, non-invasive, and can be done from any distance. Yes, you can be in the comfort of your home while I release these negative energies from you!


I am happy to answer any questions you may have or help with any doubts or concerns that you may have. So email your questions at: or

Let’s get started.


I’m looking forward to having a session with you. Most of my clients see results almost immediately. We can have a session in person or with a phone call. We can release trapped emotions over the phone. It really works. Most of my sessions are over the phone. You’ll need to be well hydrated. So drink plenty of water.


So go to Schedule a Session on my website and book a session. Many times trapped emotions can be cleared with just one session. My clients and I from experience recommend three. For best results it’s good to space the sessions at least one week apart for the body to adjust.



Kelly Blakey

BA in Psychology

Masters in Social Work

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Certified Belief Code Practitioner

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