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I genuinely care about all my clients and help each one to be more successful in achieving their goals.

“I was amazed how accurate the info was that Kelly gained and how I was holding on to emotions I thought I had healed. Very powerful insight! Everyone should try this.”  



“I am very happy with my results! Right after each session with Kelly, I feel like a burden has been lifted. It’s apparent to me that my private prayers are becoming stronger and more focused. My struggles with bitterness are becoming a distant memory.”



“I was unable to uncover what was causing pain, fatigue, and recurring injuries in my body. Kelly was able to tap into my body and discover many emotional components to the physical issues I was having. Kelly provides a safe space and environment so I could open up and discuss the emotions and traumas in a concise but gentle manner.”

“I believe that the work Kelly has done with me, through the Emotion Code Program, has enabled me to release conscious and unconscious barriers to giving and accepting love from others. I feel that my family and friend relationships are stronger and healthier than they have ever been. Thank you Kelly!!” 


“I had eight sessions over the phone and my life did get better after each session. There were many positive results that followed after Kelly released my trapped emotions. Some of them happened immediately, while others took several weeks. One of the first things I noticed is that I felt lifted and had a genuine feeling of being better and freer after each session. 


This gave me the energy to improve my life. I started doing the Zone Diet and lost over 12 pounds from Covid and the weight is still coming off. After several sessions I started feeling my stress leaving my body. Things that bothered me did not bother me anymore. My blood pressure dropped 15 points and this helped reduce my blood pressure medicine. My goal is to eliminate all meds.  I was a light social drinker (seven drinks a week) and my interest in alcohol dropped to almost zero. I started sleeping better and I didn't need any medication to help me sleep. I started to exercise more. I had a more positive attitude towards work and life. Even my friends noticed it. One of my physicians was so impressed with my improvements and that she wanted to know about my changes. I told her about my Emotion Code sessions with Kelly and she said she was going to immediately order The Emotion Code book. 


I sincerely recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to feel better including those who think they don’t have any trapped emotions. I am forever grateful to have this wonderful experience with Kelly.” – Bob



“My session with Kelly was amazing! This was my first Body Code Healing experience I was blown away by it. I look forward to another session.”  – Pasha



“I absolutely loved working with Kelly! She is a brilliant emotion code practitioner who I highly recommend. Just amazing! She brought through issues I needed to clear in such an effective way. I am so grateful.  – Lisa



“What a calming and lightening experience!”  – David

“It was such a pleasure working with Kelly and I am so grateful to have experienced the work that she does. She helped me address the emotions I'm dealing with during a challenging situation in my life. Her insights and guidance resonated deeply. I highly recommend Kelly and everything she does.”  – Tanya



“I have had two sessions with Kelly, and they have made an amazing difference. She has released a ton of negative emotions that had been eating me up from inside, and preventing me from loving others and enjoying life the way I should. Emotions like anger, which was an emotion inherited from my great grandfather, which were passed down to his offspring, and had been a constant struggle to control, now rarely occur.


As a dog trainer, I have gone on to use these techniques described in the Emotion Code with dogs to release trapped traumas that cause issues like fear and aggression, which has been extremely helpful in their training. Thank you Kelly.” – Tim



“Kelly is incredibly accurate and insightful in her ability to tap into trapped emotions, powerful session.”  – Caroline



“Kelly is an amazing healer and guide, and earth schoolteacher. I learn so much from our sessions and feel like a new person after! Thank you for sharing your healing gifts and wisdom, we are all truly empowered and inspired by your beautiful presence. Love, love, and gratitude!



“FABULOUS healer, Kelly is extremely in tune, intuitive, kind and relatable. She makes you feel heard and seen. Always enjoy having a session with Kelly, my Mom loves her too and has already booked another! Thanks for being the brilliant leader of light that you are.”

 – Caitlin



“Excited about my exchange with Kelly! Looking forward to providing a stellar review for Kelly soon, after my healing session!!”  – Iris



“Wow. Aaaaamazing. I loved my session with Kelly. She honed right in on the things I wanted/needed to let go of. I am so Grateful. I highly recommend working with Kelly to those who are called.” – Julie



Working with Kelly and the Emotion Code/Body Code has been really helpful in clearing out the cobwebs of other peoples' energies and understanding the subtleties of what I might be holding onto myself. There is a lot of healing that we can do on our own but sometimes we really benefit from expert support. Kelly has been that support for me. – Nathan



Before session:

· Felt very foggy and thinking that was not clear.

· Stress and tightness in neck and top of back was always bothersome.

· Sleep was not good, very interrupted.


After session:

· Much clearer in thinking and able to focus much more.

· Entire body feels more at ease and eyes are not as cloudy in physical appearance.

· Sleep is very solid and restful.

· Overall, feel more in touch with life.

   – Joe

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